My first photo

Every artist has to start somewhere, but the journey takes you often to a direction which you have never imagined.

For me, pursuing a career in photography was never an option simply because it was practically unattainable in my country. So, despite artistic interest I was pursuing, music, drawing, secrets of human soul, trying a photography had never crossed my mind. Actually, the first camera I have ever seen in my life was manufactured in the Soviet Union Smena. It just happened that we had one at home. Still, for a small child it seemed to be more like a mysterious, magic object; one, which only people who acquired special knowledge could have access to. Not to mention that Smena was a particularly bad model.

Therefore, the first time when I really had a chance to practice photography was during my Master’s program in Art History. For one of our assignments from Photojournalism, we had to take pictures of Lublin’s architecture. For the first time, I could watch the world around me through a camera lens. However, when I saw a Roma woman sitting in between two pillars in the Lublin Cathedral, I knew that it was exactly what my rebellious soul was searching for.

Maybe it was the way that the rays of sun enlightened her whole figure, that grabbed my attention. Or maybe this particular scene just happened to look almost though as taken from a painting. For a second, my camera enabled me to secretly sneak into the world of this woman, and capture a piece of it through my photograph. Later, I called this image, ‘In between’.

In fact, my lecturer really liked the photo. He expressed his delight, declared that I have an eye for photography, and encouraged me to develop my skills further. With an analogue camera (Canon) borrowed from my brother, I spent almost every morning wandering around an old cemetery, which I passed on my way to college. I would look for the best sculptures, wait for the best light, and try many different settings and combinations on my camera. Even though I did not have much money, all my savings were spent on processing my photo films. I have kept some of them, and they still remind me of my youthful passion and enthusiasm. Now, taking photos is like breathing for me. Something which you do unconsciously, naturally. Even though my work is far from being perfect in many ways, showing beauty of the world as I see it, expressing this reality through my imagination, is what I NEED in my life. My soul is nourished when I can observe and contemplate beauty. While now and again, I am able to transfer it through a photo, sometimes it remains only a memory.

The greyday poetry

My kids are sitting at the front door of our house, fully engaged in the game they are playing together.

I stop, and take a moment to admire their amazing brotherhood, curious minds, and openness to every new experience that life brings. I watch them attentively when they raise up their hands towards the sky and make funny noises, or when they suddenly decide to use my body as a racing track for their cars. It constantly amazes me how my children fully absorb what the present moment offers.

Instantly, I would like to grab hold of this precious moment. Or put it into a jar, and preserve it for later. In fact, my camera is like the jar full of special memories. When I am becoming too concerned with what I do not have, or when my life feels meaningless, it helps me to come back to the reality of the present day. We all have moments like that, but I think that especially artists are at risk of not being conscious of the present moment. In fact, ‘my jar’ helps me to be aware of such dangers, and reminds me that I have a lot to be grateful for. When this happens, I can contemplate the harmony and beauty of my kids’ relationship captured on photos, just as if it was fine art. Then, I actually do not need anymore the beautiful landscapes or interiors to cherish the ordinary days. In fact, even the ‘greyday’ reality has its beautiful sides.

In case of my boys, it is obvious that they treasure the bond between them, which is enriching them and preparing for the future stages in their lives. Their relationship had began with careful observation, then learning how to play together, help each other, but also compete. However, even their rivalry over does not take long and they quickly make a truce. Watching them together, and observing how important they are for each other, makes me happy. My role as a secret observer, who captures their precious moments on camera cannot be more rewarding. Every artist wants to remain in the viewers’ memory. One day, already as grown men, my sons will share their childhood memories captured on my photos, with their own children.

But also in my heart I have created a gallery of such brief moments, pieces of memories of unforgettable feelings, smells and touch. If only I could enter into the world captured on my photos just for a moment, and have again a chance to hug my little kids, smell their scent… Still, I am aware of the importance of present time too. Finally, feeling inspired and enriched by my kids’ unique inner worlds, I add another photo to my gallery.


It was during my college years when I started exploring different strands of psychology, anthropology and various facets of art. Next to photography, they have remained my biggest passions.

Just imagine that immersing yourself into the world of symbols, archetypes or iconography can open a door into the most true, beautiful and deepest spheres of your human nature. But, it also enables you to see all corners of your personal ‘shadow’, and have a glimpse on what you have buried in it: fears, weaknesses and emotional insecurities.

Many photographers specializing in family or newborn sessions, often try to create a lively and beautiful atmosphere for them. Maybe a somewhat too idyllic. But, what if we were to use a specific space and time what might that photo session offer as a therapeutic purpose? Countless times I have witnessed a metamorphosis of someone considered as an average, shy and insecure person, who within an hour undergoes a total transformation. Almost like a caterpillar who changes through all the stages of its life cycle, to eventually become a butterfly.

Therefore, could we not use the photo session to create an atmosphere where your feelings and the way you behave can come into contact with each other from the perspective of the three ego states, Parent, Adult, and Child (terms taken from Transactional Analysis, a psychoanalytic theory studying interactions between individuals)…?

The way you recognize and learn how all those aspects function within you, and accordingly what are ‘their-your’ needs, can help you understand who you truly are, your strengths and weaknesses. Effectively, it can become an impulse, or a motivational force to further exploration of your complex personality. Since what should life be about if not a continuous learning experience.

To my personal project I have invited Lizzy, a feisty seven year-old. Undoubtedly, among the most important aspects of such particular sessions like that one, are TIME, conversation, and process of getting to know your model. But already on that stage it becomes clear what setting we should choose, and what symbols should represent its theme. Working with Lizzy, admiring her beautiful personality not only moved me back in time to my childhood years. It helped me discover my most dominant personality traits, simplicity, subtleness, tranquility.

But most importantly, it remained me of the ’Child’ within me, her beauty, vulnerability and curiosity. How complex and full of emotions she is, even though her ‘persona’ is often overshadowed by my strict defense mechanisms.

What also came out during the session, was importance of relationship of my inner ‘Parent’ with the ‘Child’. The latter can only show its full potential, and be the most creative, sensitive, prolific and vibrant side of me, when supported by the wise and experienced ‘Parent’.

And so, if you want to get to know about yourself more, and have courage to immerse yourself into depths of your own persona, I truly recommend the adventure which a photo session can become. Think about it. This could be a beginning of a beautiful journey which will change your life!

Finding myself

Anna : One of the main subjects of modern photography is discovering your own identity, its most hidden part, something that is not expressed directly. One can say that the topic of identity search is rather banal. Yet we all, since our childhood years, try to define our limits, look for our specifics, something that distinguishes us from the others but what bonds us as a human kind. We ask who we are, what we do here, where we are going.

My latest art project is a series of nudes portraying Irish red hair Aishling. I cast her in a role of my own soul. Perhaps even the most subtle part of my soul that undergoes transformation from the darkness, birth from the dust of the ground, from what is dead, through sleep and the time of infirmity, almost like in a womb, to the birth in light and the fulness of growth.This process never ends. This is an always open project. I am planning to host an exhibition and invite some interesting guests. I will be posting updates on our web pages

Professional Timecatchers’ philosophy

Professional Timecatchers' philosophy

Give us time and we turn it to ART.


For almost 200 years photography has been used to capture this one moment in the history of the world, of mankind, of the individual. As an autonomous form of art, it took on various forms. From the minimalist landscape, through still-life, to the surprisingly detailed deformed photomontage. It was supposed to make an impact, trigger emotions and communicate with the recipients in order to change or at least move them. Nowadays digital photography seems to be the most accessible form of expression for every cellphone owner. However, artists are still looking for that one decisive moment, spot, lighting, place, or maybe a desirable combination of all these elements at once to get an effect that moves the body and maybe also the heart.

Trying to define our style we could call it a modern classic. We are fascinated by what is simple and natural. At the same time we leave the door open for novelties such as elements of collage or uncontrolled expression.

Chris specialises in landscapes and urban photography. He has organized many wild expeditions exploring the beauty of nature and monuments of the country.


Anna will lead you into the world of inner exploration and discovering the beauty of the soul. The results of those travels you will receive in the form of a portrait of yourself or your family.She also designs book covers and publishes pictures in magazines and books.


If you are looking for a picture to hang in your home or at workplace, something pleasant to look at, an image that would make you smile or reflect for a moment, we invite you to cooperate with us.