The greyday poetry

My kids are sitting at the front door of our house, fully engaged in the game they are playing together.

I stop, and take a moment to admire their amazing brotherhood, curious minds, and openness to every new experience that life brings. I watch them attentively when they raise up their hands towards the sky and make funny noises, or when they suddenly decide to use my body as a racing track for their cars. It constantly amazes me how my children fully absorb what the present moment offers.

Instantly, I would like to grab hold of this precious moment. Or put it into a jar, and preserve it for later. In fact, my camera is like the jar full of special memories. When I am becoming too concerned with what I do not have, or when my life feels meaningless, it helps me to come back to the reality of the present day. We all have moments like that, but I think that especially artists are at risk of not being conscious of the present moment. In fact, ‘my jar’ helps me to be aware of such dangers, and reminds me that I have a lot to be grateful for. When this happens, I can contemplate the harmony and beauty of my kids’ relationship captured on photos, just as if it was fine art. Then, I actually do not need anymore the beautiful landscapes or interiors to cherish the ordinary days. In fact, even the ‘greyday’ reality has its beautiful sides.

In case of my boys, it is obvious that they treasure the bond between them, which is enriching them and preparing for the future stages in their lives. Their relationship had began with careful observation, then learning how to play together, help each other, but also compete. However, even their rivalry over does not take long and they quickly make a truce. Watching them together, and observing how important they are for each other, makes me happy. My role as a secret observer, who captures their precious moments on camera cannot be more rewarding. Every artist wants to remain in the viewers’ memory. One day, already as grown men, my sons will share their childhood memories captured on my photos, with their own children.

But also in my heart I have created a gallery of such brief moments, pieces of memories of unforgettable feelings, smells and touch. If only I could enter into the world captured on my photos just for a moment, and have again a chance to hug my little kids, smell their scent… Still, I am aware of the importance of present time too. Finally, feeling inspired and enriched by my kids’ unique inner worlds, I add another photo to my gallery.

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