It was during my college years when I started exploring different strands of psychology, anthropology and various facets of art. Next to photography, they have remained my biggest passions.

Just imagine that immersing yourself into the world of symbols, archetypes or iconography can open a door into the most true, beautiful and deepest spheres of your human nature. But, it also enables you to see all corners of your personal ‘shadow’, and have a glimpse on what you have buried in it: fears, weaknesses and emotional insecurities.

Many photographers specializing in family or newborn sessions, often try to create a lively and beautiful atmosphere for them. Maybe a somewhat too idyllic. But, what if we were to use a specific space and time what might that photo session offer as a therapeutic purpose? Countless times I have witnessed a metamorphosis of someone considered as an average, shy and insecure person, who within an hour undergoes a total transformation. Almost like a caterpillar who changes through all the stages of its life cycle, to eventually become a butterfly.

Therefore, could we not use the photo session to create an atmosphere where your feelings and the way you behave can come into contact with each other from the perspective of the three ego states, Parent, Adult, and Child (terms taken from Transactional Analysis, a psychoanalytic theory studying interactions between individuals)…?

The way you recognize and learn how all those aspects function within you, and accordingly what are ‘their-your’ needs, can help you understand who you truly are, your strengths and weaknesses. Effectively, it can become an impulse, or a motivational force to further exploration of your complex personality. Since what should life be about if not a continuous learning experience.

To my personal project I have invited Lizzy, a feisty seven year-old. Undoubtedly, among the most important aspects of such particular sessions like that one, are TIME, conversation, and process of getting to know your model. But already on that stage it becomes clear what setting we should choose, and what symbols should represent its theme. Working with Lizzy, admiring her beautiful personality not only moved me back in time to my childhood years. It helped me discover my most dominant personality traits, simplicity, subtleness, tranquility.

But most importantly, it remained me of the ’Child’ within me, her beauty, vulnerability and curiosity. How complex and full of emotions she is, even though her ‘persona’ is often overshadowed by my strict defense mechanisms.

What also came out during the session, was importance of relationship of my inner ‘Parent’ with the ‘Child’. The latter can only show its full potential, and be the most creative, sensitive, prolific and vibrant side of me, when supported by the wise and experienced ‘Parent’.

And so, if you want to get to know about yourself more, and have courage to immerse yourself into depths of your own persona, I truly recommend the adventure which a photo session can become. Think about it. This could be a beginning of a beautiful journey which will change your life!

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