Professional Timecatchers’ philosophy

Professional Timecatchers' philosophy

Give us time and we turn it to ART.


For almost 200 years photography has been used to capture this one moment in the history of the world, of mankind, of the individual. As an autonomous form of art, it took on various forms. From the minimalist landscape, through still-life, to the surprisingly detailed deformed photomontage. It was supposed to make an impact, trigger emotions and communicate with the recipients in order to change or at least move them. Nowadays digital photography seems to be the most accessible form of expression for every cellphone owner. However, artists are still looking for that one decisive moment, spot, lighting, place, or maybe a desirable combination of all these elements at once to get an effect that moves the body and maybe also the heart.

Trying to define our style we could call it a modern classic. We are fascinated by what is simple and natural. At the same time we leave the door open for novelties such as elements of collage or uncontrolled expression.

Chris specialises in landscapes and urban photography. He has organized many wild expeditions exploring the beauty of nature and monuments of the country.


Anna will lead you into the world of inner exploration and discovering the beauty of the soul. The results of those travels you will receive in the form of a portrait of yourself or your family.She also designs book covers and publishes pictures in magazines and books.


If you are looking for a picture to hang in your home or at workplace, something pleasant to look at, an image that would make you smile or reflect for a moment, we invite you to cooperate with us.

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