Finding myself

Anna : One of the main subjects of modern photography is discovering your own identity, its most hidden part, something that is not expressed directly. One can say that the topic of identity search is rather banal. Yet we all, since our childhood years, try to define our limits, look for our specifics, something that distinguishes us from the others but what bonds us as a human kind. We ask who we are, what we do here, where we are going.

My latest art project is a series of nudes portraying Irish red hair Aishling. I cast her in a role of my own soul. Perhaps even the most subtle part of my soul that undergoes transformation from the darkness, birth from the dust of the ground, from what is dead, through sleep and the time of infirmity, almost like in a womb, to the birth in light and the fulness of growth.This process never ends. This is an always open project. I am planning to host an exhibition and invite some interesting guests. I will be posting updates on our web pages

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